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World of Science

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Girls catching bugs in jars.
This hands-on After School Program explores a broad World of Science.

General Information
  • Children will learn all about animals in general as well as the ecosystem of the sea. They will also explore how technology has changed our world in many ways. This is a program of hands-on activities, stunning demonstrations, and inquiry-based discussions.
  • All About Animals: Children will enter into the amazing animal kingdom! Learn about diverse, astounding creatures on earth as they experiment with camouflage, see what’s inside animals, and discover which animals are truly spineless! Children also get to explore and compare animal life cycles. The take-home lets children create casts of Animal Tracks.
  • Energy Burst: This energetic class explores energy transfer and energy conversion! Children experiment with stretch and release wound rubber band gadgets, windup toys that swim, hop and flip, and will spring into action with poppers, Boinks, and jumping bugs. The Spring Thing take-home has the potential to get kinetic!
  • Get Connected: Children take on telecommunications with interactive activities including seeing the sound of their voice and testing telephone lines. Children chat on their own telephone network, find the limits to low-power radio signals, and more. Children show off their telecommunication knowledge with a worldwide optic fiber Wired World take-home product.
  • Life in the Sea: Children will plunge into the depths of ocean life as they explore different ocean ecosystems and learn about the plants and animals that live there. Classifying creatures from sharks to sponges gives them a taste of ocean diversity. The Anaglyph Sea Puzzle Take-Home lets children take some 3-D sea creatures home with them.
  • Mix It Up: This class challenges children to branch out into the physical aspect of chemistry. Children pick up concepts of physical mixtures, solutions, and suspensions with sorting activities and colorful demonstrations to explain molecular movement. Children receive Super Sorters – a mixture sorting kit – to take home at the end of the class.
  • Moving Motion: Children catapult into Newton’s three laws of motion! They yank a cloth from under dishes and send crash test dummies flying. They see action–reaction forces at work as a fan cart races across the room and mini-rockets launch through the air. They will then twirl into action with the Newton Spinner Take-Home.
  • Bring a peanut-free snack and a water.
  • Location: Mashpee Recreation Dept., Heritage Park. Class will be held outdoors in a tent, 520 Main St.
  • Due to COVID 19 Regulations we will:
  • - Hold all programs outdoors, please dress appropriately and will not hold classes on inclement weather days, email notification will be send out & text notification (provided we have your cell phone number and carrier).
  • - Participants will be encouraged to maintain 6 feet of separation between one another and wear masks at all times when 6 feet of separation cannot be kept.
  • - If participants do not have their own equipment, it will be provided for that day and cleaned between sessions. Equipment should not be shared when possible.
  • - All participants will be required to bring their own labeled water bottle.
  • - Hand sanitizer will be available and encouraged to be used.

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